Buddha Boy Violence: Beats Up His Sister and Brothers

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Article showing what I have been saying all along.  The Buddha Boy is Lost.  This Kid is spiritually blind.  He may have psychic abilities but such things are mere shadows in the light of truth.  Now, lets see if his followers will cover this up and try to ignore it.  I am never amazed at how ignorant we are as human beings.


The Buddha Boy – Without Divine Powers

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A young man by the name of, Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the Buddha boy is being divinely worshiped.  This young man also goes by his given Buddhist name, Dharma Sangha.  Allegedly, he meditated without food or water for six years in the remote jungle in the hollow of a tree in Nepal to become enlightened.

Now, this may be considered an extraordinary thing.  When in fact, this is not at all something new or original.  Especially in the East.  Many have been proclaimed as the spokesperson of Maitreya, the world teacher, to form a new religious movement that leads to the same old thing.  Maitreya is supposedly to be an incarnate that was prophesied to come to earth, awaken to enlightenment, and teach the true dharma.

Supposedly, dharma means the teachings of the natural law of existence.  Primarily, this belief is held greatly in the East.  Especially, in Buddhism and Hinduism.  In such countries there is a new so-called holy man proclaimed all the time.  The whole ‘world teacher’ idea is without meaning because every human being already has the potential of compassion to awaken now without anyone’s assistance or authority.

Now, after this promising endeavor, he claims he has reached the spiritual fulfillment called, enlightenment.  This must be questioned with great fervor.  Spiritually, whether one eats or drinks is of no religious importance.  Whatever one decides to eat or not eat cannot make one holy or unholy.  Whatever goes into ones mouth does not make one spiritually realized.  Being a vegetarian or a breatherian will not make one unique.  After all, there are many who can do such exploits without any religious connotations. To be concerned of what a young man has done in the depths of a jungle profits nothing to our own spiritual journey.

Just the same, there are those who partake in the same austerities in an attempt to force truth to come to them.  Some may stand in raging rivers, sit in blazing fires, and live in the most remote jungles away from civilization in contemplation for the hopes of awakening to spiritual fulfillment.  One may come to psychical abilities but never understanding that spirituality is beyond the mind and its exploits.

Spiritual realization must come to you of its own will.  Whatever form, way, or effort one attempts to bring the truth about is delusional.  Truth must come of its own accord.  It is truth that can free humanity, not any outward or inward means of the mind.  One may open the heart and the eternal may enter, but it is not of ones own means or power.  Truth comes irrespectively of your particular meditation, asceticism, or endless prayers of devotion when you come to a psychological end.  The ending of you is the awakening to the divine.

Now, if this young man proclaims not to be a Buddhist but expounds Buddhist ways, beliefs and rituals, that to me would seem one is a Buddhist.  Like so, if anyone recites, performs, and acts like a Christian or Muslim, it is hard for them to be taken for anything other than a Christian or a Muslim.  When one is truly awakened, one belongs to no religion.  To belong to any religion or belief is a sadistic thing, which divides man against man, needlessly.

So, please understand the clarity of all that is being said.  He, who has eyes, let him look and see.  He who has ears, let him hear and listen, completely.  In ones religious quest for awakening, there are certain powers that are there which are psychical.  Meaning, they are impermanent and illusory, because they are a thing of the mind.  Psychical powers are of the mental state and not divine.  Divinity is beyond psychological and psychical disciplines.  Consciously, such things are mental feats beneath intelligence.

There are so-called holy men who live in forests, caves, and monasteries in the hopes of detaching themselves, outwardly and inwardly.  Through their austerity and devotion, they develop certain mental powers.  Because of such abilities, the ignorant think these things are extraordinary and signs of divinity.  Never realizing that, all such revelations of psychic powers eventually corrupts and distorts.  To reveal openly and consciously such things to the world are for mere entertainment and self-glorification.

Above all, in this age of history, I doubt any awakened being would have devotees.  If one has followers of any kind, then both the leader and those who follow are blind.  One, who sees, does not need to follow anyone who proclaims to see.  Just the same, beware of all those who claims the world is coming to an end.  This trick of fear has been used, countless times.  The truth of this life must be sought within oneself.  Only the blind follows the blind.  And, only blind teachers let others follow them, blindly.

If psychical powers had deep meaning, all enlighten beings would gladly perform them without, ceasing.  One can see clearly that such things do not awaken anyone at all.  To display such a thing, consciously, is without meaning.  They are of a childish nature.  This is what becomes most important when one does not reach the fullness of awakening.  The only thing psychic acts bring about is the stimulation and amusement of those who are categorically lost, those who are trapped in ignorance and those who are not serious about spiritual fulfillment.

If the Buddha, the Christ, or any other enlightened being could awaken the world through such means, they would have done so.  So why look to them or anyone for that matter?  It is up to everyone to look within themselves to discover spiritual truth.

Many of his followers today will call him great and bow at his feet.  Later, they will say he is a charlatan and a fake.  This is the circus that always forms around sensationalism and fanaticism.  Overall, it does not really matter what anyone thinks of him.  They will remain lost and confused rather he is genuine or not.

So you must ask, what new teachings is he offering the world?  Is it not the same old thing propagated by all the religions of the world?  Surely, when there is the awakening within, that eternal essence is its own wisdom, which is forever new.  One who is enlightened has no need to repeat and revise what one has seen and heard from others whether they are of this world or otherworldly.  In fact, such a being would have no interest in any particular religion, philosophy, or ideology.  When you awaken, the spiritual wisdom within, which is truth, speaks through you.

For so many millenniums, because of ignorance, the world awaits Saviors, Messiahs, and Messengers of the Divine.  Yet, the message of life is all around you.  Look into the sky, there is your amazement to question existence.  Look at the wonders of this beautiful earth, there is your lesson to inquire about this life.  Look within yourself and discover that which is beyond this mortal life.

Without curiosity to find out what is beyond your self, ones existence is a dead thing.  Therefore, it does not matter who comes; if you are blind, how are you to see and have understanding of the real?  Realize, no one can awaken another.  So, why look towards anyone for the truth?  No one has any religious authority over you regardless of any so-called miraculous acts or psychical knowledge they may possess.

Many of these so-called teachers come and go, preaching the same old thing of peace, which does not create tranquility in the world.  In fact, the act of telling others to be peaceful is a vicious thing.  To do so, is a contradiction of life.  This world is a cruel place.  This is a fact.  A truly enlightened being could understand the meaninglessness of telling others to be peaceful.  To do so, puts them into a dilemma.  An inward conflict comes into being between their brutality and your superficial ideal of peace.

To tell others to be of serenity is a vicious thing born of not understanding the eternal wisdom.  A cruel human being does not know what peace is.  They may form an idea of harmony and attempt to reach it, but that is not peace.  That form of peace is nothing more than the continuity of their brutalities disguised as something noble.

The Muslim, the Christian, the Buddhist and the Hindu all think they know the way to truth.  Buried beneath their ceremonies, rituals and propaganda, God is a figment of their vivid imaginations.  One may look at the state of the human race and see that all the religions of the world are equally lost.  All the world religions have failed to bring peace and compassion to the world.

If any of the various meditations of man and his gods were the answer to world peace, then all of Asia would be a light to the world.  If outward materialism and prosperity led to peaceful living, then all of the West would be living in contentment.  If religions were the answer to peace, the world would be a wholly different place of compassion.  But, it is not.  All attempts of philosophical and religious commitment have failed.  There is only spiritual peace that is found within oneself when you are free of all conflict.

Realize, to belong or expound any particular religion leads to enmity between man and man.  Likewise, the idea of religious tolerance and integration of faiths is an unintelligent thing.  The attempt to bring them together and thinking that would create world peace is equally absurd.  The unification of the false does not equate to spiritual truth.  One may bring all the religions of the world together and that would not bring world peace.  Truth has no relationship to the false.  Spiritual light has no relationship with darkness.

Only within oneself, when there is the fullness of awakening, there is the perfume of love beyond words, which is pure wisdom.  Understand there is no particular religion that can house the Divine.  No particular person has authority over spiritual truth.  Above all, a truly religious human being does not have a religion of any kind.  Religiosity is an individual endeavor to stand alone in spiritual reality.

No form of meditation can lead one to divinity.  The Divine is not reached by any means.  Meditation put together by a disciplined or undisciplined mind is not meditation at all.  When at once you are empty and opened, spiritual meditation comes of its own intelligence.  This sacred meditation, not formulated by the mind, comes when there is no conscious meditator within you trying to meditate.

Enlightenment is to awaken from this self-imposed dream world and see it for what it is.  To wake up is to see that this impermanent life is an illusion of unawareness.  Spiritual meditation is to realize the ignorance of ego, and then the eternal essence awakens within you.  By no means can man reach out and take hold of the divine essence.  You may call it God, Truth, or immortality.  In fact, that has no name.  It is that which is nameless.  No clever tricks of the mind can lead you to it.  This must come to you.  It is infinite bliss beyond the conscious mind.

The awakening of man comes when spiritual meditation, which is beyond the mind, enters ones being.  Not the meditation that man and mind has formulated and concocted.  It is that pure awareness that is whole and complete.  It is seeing life in its pure pristine essence.  Spirituality is the stillness of enlightenment that brings wisdom.  This intelligence is beyond psychological and psychical knowledge.

So, if anyone travels to this forest to see this young man, what will that profit them, spiritually?  The women will become emotional and feel their tears mean something sacred is happening.  The men will try to intellectualize everything and think he is of something important.

And in the end, a circus is formed in which the awakening to truth is forgotten.  Besides, being unwise, how do you know who is enlightened and who is not?  So, beware, because the desire to be free from sorrow leaves you vulnerable to corruption by those who proclaim to know the way of liberation.

For this reason, as I have already pointed out, no one, regardless of their psychical prowess can awaken another to the truth.  To worship anyone is actually an abomination to discovering truth.  You must awaken to the Divine on your own.  Then, perhaps you will be filled with that which is the eternal peace, love, and joy beyond this world.

Spiritual Master Of  Truth