Buddha Boy Violence: Beats Up His Sister and Brothers


Article showing what I have been saying all along.  The Buddha Boy is Lost.  This Kid is spiritually blind.  He may have psychic abilities but such things are mere shadows in the light of truth.  Now, lets see if his followers will cover this up and try to ignore it.  I am never amazed at how ignorant we are as human beings.


~ by spiritualityawakening on April 10, 2012.

One Response to “Buddha Boy Violence: Beats Up His Sister and Brothers”

  1. If this news is factual, I doubt that it can actually bring most of his already devout followers to see how distorted that young man’s teachings, and mind really are. His followers will come up with plenty of excuses, mostly in order to convince themselves that they are not making a terrible mistake by believing in Ram Bahadur Bomjan.

    If the news is rumoured, then it’s only going to strengthen the faith of his already devout followers. It seems that the bigger the rumour, the more devoted they’ll become. Ironically, they will only see this kind of news as a “test for their faith.”

    Gossips and rumours are NOT the effective, nor the correct methods to enlighten or to inform people about Ram Bomjan’s distorted views, as they are basically created with somewhat negative tendencies, or emotional feelings, such as strong aversion toward him.

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